Staff Sergeant

Staff Sergeant (SSG)

Classification Noncommissioned Officer
Abbreviation SSG
NATO Code OR-6
Service UfU Army
Address Sergeant (last name)
What are a Staff Sergeant’s Responsibilities?

A Staff Sergeant is a non-commissioned officer (NCO) in the UfU Army usually placed in command of a squad of 9-10 soldiers.

In rare situations, a Staff Sergeant may be placed in command of a larger unit such as a platoon comprising of two to four squads containing anywhere from 16 to 50 soldiers.

In a leadership position, Staff Sergeants will regularly have one or more Sergeants serving under them, and will be responsible for reviewing the performance of their subordinates with periodic Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reports.

As an experienced NCO, Staff Sergeants are expected to mentor and effectively lead the soldiers and newly promoted NCOs under them. Alongside field NCOs, soldiers may also be promoted to Staff Sergeant in order to serve in headquarters support positions – these positions are generally referred to as “Staff NCOs”.


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