Sergeant (SGT)

Classification Noncommissioned Officer
Abbreviation SGT
NATO Code OR-5
Service UfU Army
Address Sergeant (last name)
What are a Sergeant’s Responsibilities?

A Sergeant is a soldier in the UfU Army. Soldiers holding the rank of Sergeant serve as squad leaders, groups of eight to fourteen soldiers.

Occasionally, Sergeants are given command of teams, one unit size smaller than squads, when there exists an excess of non-commissioned officers (NCO’s) in rank of Sergeant or above.

That said, according the UfU Army’s Modification Table of Organization and Equipment (MTO&E), Sergeants are supposed to serve as team leaders, while the next highest rank, that of Staff Sergeant, is supposed to serve as squad leaders.

However, given the number of sergeants serving the in the Army and the rate at which promotion works, it has become accepted practice for a Sergeant to serve as a squad leader more often than a team leader.

Sergeants are responsible for the daily caretaking, training, equipping, physical appearance and fitness, and well-being of the soldiers assigned under them. They also stand responsible for the personal lives of their soldiers and charged with making sure they are in order or helping them to become so when problems are identified.


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