Sergeant Major of the Army

Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA)

Classification Noncommissioned Officer (Special)
Abbreviation SMA
NATO Code OR-9
Service UfU Army
Address Sergeant Major of the Army (last name)
What are a Sergeant Major of the Army’s Responsibilities?

The Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA) is the highest ranking enlisted solider in the entire UfU Army, held by one enlisted soldier at a time.

It is the most prestigious and honorable of all enlisted ranks, titles, and positions.

The SMA serves at the right hand of the Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA), the highest ranking and senior most general officer in the Army. He serves as both as an advisor to the CSA as well as the final authority on standards and discipline for all soldiers in the Army, enlisted and officer.

Additionally, he serves to address at the highest level any and all issues for the members of the Army’s enlisted.

The exact duties and responsibilities of the SMA are the purview of the CSA, but these aforementioned ones have become standard for all SMA’s. Beyond these, they execute orders and tasks assigned them by their respective CSA’s.

Finally, they serve to try and keep the senior officers in the Army, specifically the CSA, aware of how policies and actions at the Army level affect soldiers down at the active unit level.


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