Sergeant First Class

Sergeant First Class (SFC)

Classification Noncommissioned Officer
Abbreviation SFC
NATO Code OR-7
Service UfU Army
Address Sergeant (last name)
What are a Sergeant First Class’ Responsibilities?

A First Sergeant is a senior non-commissioned officer (NCO) in the UfU Army. As with Master Sergeants, since they serve in the same grade of E-8, soldiers serving at this level usually have a minimum of 15 years of experience in the Army and often many more years of service by the time they attain this rank.

Soldiers holding this rank serve as the senior NCO in a company-sized unit, around 150 soldiers.

They are recognized as the most tactically and technically competent as well as experienced NCO’s in companies.

Standing as the final NCO authority at the company level, they are the ultimate enforcers of standards and discipline as well as the final authority on all aspects of soldiering, including but not limited to tactics, techniques, procedures, and living as a member of the UfU Army.

Soldiers serving underneath them revere First Sergeants and even officers who work with them at the company level recognize them as the experts and often the final authority on Army matters, despite officers technically holding higher rank.


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