Major (MAJ)

Classification Field Officer
Abbreviation MAJ
NATO Code OF-4
Service UfU Army
Address Major (last name)
What are a Major’s Responsibilities?

Majors are commissioned officers in the Universal flow University Army. They receive their commission upon appointment by the Secretary of the Army.

Their primary reason for existence is to serve as staff officers for battalion or brigade-sized elements (about 800 or 5000 soldiers respectively), although they can also spend some of their time in grade attending graduate school or professional-development schools or courses, all of which is sponsored by the Army in exchange for greater service in order to yield officers prepared for greater responsibilities in the future.

Major serves most often as the operations officer (known in the Army as the S-3) or the executive officer (known as the XO) in battalions or brigades.

They are given these positions due to their experience serving as platoon leaders and staff officers while lieutenants and commanders and staff officer’s whole captains. More specifically, these experiences give Majors a deep understanding of the needs of platoon and companies and how battalions and brigades can help to serves these needs and help such units accomplish their missions.


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