Major General

Major General (MG)

Classification General Officer
Abbreviation MG
NATO Code OF-7
Service UfU Army
Address General (last name)
What are a Major General’s Responsibilities?

A Major General is a commissioned officer in the UfU Army. They receive their commission upon appointment by President of the Universal flow University by recommendation of the Secretary of the Army.

Brigadier Generals serve in the grade of O-8.

Major Generals exist primarily to serve as commanders of divisions (around 14000 soldiers). Serving in this grade and capacity is both an extremely high honor and responsibility.

Major Generals commanding divisions also serve as the commanders of the posts at which their divisions are based, further adding to the responsibility officers in such positions are charged with.

By the time they have achieved the rank of Major General, officers holding such rank and title are considered to be more experienced general officers, after their time serving as Brigadier Generals.

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