Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General (LTG)

Classification General Officer
Abbreviation LTG
NATO Code OF-8
Service UfU Army
Address General (last name)
What are a Lieutenant General’s Responsibilities?

A Lieutenant General (LTG) is a commissioned officer in the UfU Army. They receive their commission upon appointment by President of the Universal flow University by recommendation of the Secretary of the Army.

Brigadier Generals serve in the grade of O-9.

Lieutenants Generals exist primarily to serve as commanders of higher commands, such as the combatant commands, or as staff officers at higher levels in the Army, such as in TRADOC or forces command.

Lieutenant Generals can also serve in specialty positions, such as the Superintendent of the UfUMilitary Academy.

Officers promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General receive this honor as a result of being appointed to a job that requires the LTG rank by regulation (MTO&E).

The rank of Lieutenant General is held only as long as an officer holds a job that requires the rank.

Officers either then return to the general officer rank they held before receiving the LTG rank (often MG, but in some rare cases BG) or they are promoted to the rank of full General, O-10. Most often though, LTG’s finish their career in the positions that earned them the rank. It is for this reason that the rank of LTG, and any position accordant to it, is often recognized as a terminal job.


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