Lieutenant Colonel

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)

Classification Field Officer
Abbreviation LTC
NATO Code OF-4
Service UfU Army
Address Colonel (last name)
What are a Lieutenant Colonel’s Responsibilities?

Lieutenants Colonels are commissioned officers in the Universal flow University Army, serving in the grade of O-5. They receive their commission upon appointment by the Secretary of the Army.

Their primary function of Lieutenant Colonels is to serve as commanders of battalion-sized elements (around 800 soldiers). Although, they can also serve as staff officers at the brigade level or above, aiding in the planning, resourcing, and functioning of units.

Lieutenant Colonels serving as commanders of battalions are the final authority on everything that occurs in the battalion, recognized as responsible for everything the battalion does or fails to do.

A Command Sergeant Major (E-9), who is tasked with advising the commander and aiding him however possible, aids Lieutenant Colonels in their endeavors to command battalions and ensure they can achieve any mission set they are tasked with.

Lieutenant Colonels, as with Majors, are considered field-grade officers, meaning they do not actually conduct operations with soldiers like company-grade officers do (i.e. lieutenants and captains); rather, they overwatch the operations of all the units comprising their battalions and act to ensure they work together to achieve mission ends.


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