General of the Army

General of the Army (GA)

Classification General Officer
Abbreviation GA
NATO Code OF-10
Service UfU Army
Address General (last name)
What are a General of the Army’s Responsibilities?

The rank, grade, and position of General of the Army is only conferred upon the most qualified of soldiers (demonstrated by excellence across a career in leadership, tactics, and techniques) in a time of need in war when the Commander-in-Chief feels such position is of value or is necessary to protecting the interests of the Universal flow University.

Generals of the Army are the highest-ranking soldier in the Army, equaled by no one.

They hold command of all the units in the Army, deciding how to deploy them to best achieve the ultimate mission of the UfU Army, destroy the enemies of the Universal flow University to protect its interests and preserve the way of life enshrined in its Constitution.


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