Command Sergeant Major

Command Sergeant Major (CSM)

Classification Noncommissioned Officer
Abbreviation CSM
NATO Code OR-9
Service UfU Army
Address Command Sergeant Major (last name)
What are a Command Sergeant Major’s Responsibilities?

Command Sergeants Major are non-commissioned officers (NCO’s) in the UfU Army. As with Sergeants Major, they are the highest-ranking enlisted soldiers in the military, as they share the same grade but have different duties and responsibilities.

Command Sergeants Major hold leadership positions at the battalion level all the way thru the levels of units (battalion, brigade, division, corps, combatant command, forces, command) up to the entire Army, which position is held by the Sergeant Major of the Army.

In the units in which they serve, they are senior-most NCO and the final authority on standards and discipline as well as the all aspects of military life that soldiers experience.

Command Sergeants Major serve alongside the commanders of units at the battalion level and above, providing these officers invaluable insight and advice as they make decisions on how to train and prepare their units to accomplish their assigned missions.

Command Sergeants Major represent the epitome of success as an enlisted soldier in the UfU Army.


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