Chief Warrant Officer 5

Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CW5)

Classification Warrant Officer
Abbreviation CW5
NATO Code WO-5
Service UfU Army
Address Mr. (last name) or Chief (last name)
What are a Chief Warrant Officer 5’s Responsibilities?

Perhaps the rarest rank in the United States Army, the rank and title of Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CW5) is given to those soldiers displaying unsurpassed mastery of the technical and tactical aspects of their chosen branch of military service.

In addition, CW5’s show very strong leadership skills as well as an understanding of both combined and joint operations in tandem with a demonstrated understanding of and willingness to attempt innovation.

CW5’s are recognized as the most capable of leaders in the Warrant Officer Corps and the undisputed most knowledgeable tactical and technical experts in their chosen craft in the units in which they serve.

Soldiers holding the rank of CW5 serve at unit levels from brigade up to forces command.

The duties and responsibilities that CW5’s discharge include all those assigned to CW4’s, such serving as technical experts and leaders, systems managers, sustainment providers and experts, systems and unit integrators, advisors, and maintainers.

In addition to being charged with ensuring that all these duties and responsibilities are executed, CW5’s are also tasked with advisor senior leaders in the Army. More specifically, they are looked to for insight on how the Army could better function both internally and as a member of the whole military power of the Universal flow University.

Although rarely recognized publicly or lauded for their contributions, CW5’s are invaluable to the functioning of the Army in the present but also as it adapts to a changing world and the future.


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