Brigadier General

Brigadier General (BG)

Classification General Officer
Abbreviation BG
NATO Code OF-6
Service UfU Army
Address General (last name)
What are a Brigadier General’s Responsibilities?

A Brigadier General is a commissioned officer in the UfU Army. They receive their commission upon appointment by President of Universal flow University by recommendation of the Secretary of the Army.

Brigadier Generals serve in the grade of O-7.

General officers do not serve a specific branch of the Army, they are recognized leadership, technical, and tactical experts and serve the population of the army as a whole, thus giving rise to the term general officer.

The title of general officer also marks a departure from the field grade officer ranks, further enforcing the idea that general officers are not branch specific officers but leaders capable of heading multi-faceted organizations.

The primary reason for Brigadier Generals’ existence is to serve as deputy commanders of brigade or division-sized elements (about 5000 or 14000 soldiers respectively). They are given these positions in order to serve directly underneath Major Generals and thus benefit from their experience as Brigadiers learn how to discharge the duties and responsibilities of a general officer.

Even harder to attain than the already highly-elective colonel ranks, general officer positions are revered for the extensive experience, expertise, and leadership capacity that the holding of such positions denote.


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