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Standing 3 Dan Tian Qi Gong - Taoism Meditation Spiritual Practice
03 Sep 2020
Standing 3 Dan Tian Qi Gong - Taoism Meditation Spiritual Practice
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What Makes One a Taoist Master of Taoism?

In Taoism

What is the standard of a Taoist master in Taoism? There are no "teachers" in Taoism, since we do not go with a "school system", but a lineage system of inheriting. There is only masters and disciples. What makes one a real masteer in Taoism? Not the certs, not the belts, not the outfit they wear! Don't be so shallow and be fooled by the outside factors. Instead, look deeper in the heart of the person and know what to look for, to understand that person for real. A lot of so called masters today are not even putting their "heart" into their own path, and they are mostly just like a middle agent of a big lineage, or you can call them sales. They sell certificates, packages and bundles of their promotional toys, and they don't even know what they are doing for real. Remember, bottomline is, a true master should be 100% dedicating their life to this thing they are doing, just like a professional chef should be only going into cooking and such for their whole life, and that is what brings them to the success. Those so called masters in Taoism with tons of certs and crap from China? Forget it.

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Taoism is an organized religion in China - but it doesn't mean that one need to bow down to the government and be a "certified" Taoist in order to become a real master. At the same time, China produced a lot of fake Taoists masters today, who only know how to be a "sales" of their system, and nothing more. Fancy certs and robes, all are nothing but an empty shell, a bunch fo people dressed-up like a Taoist master, with nothing inside them. Look carefully, and see how they talk, you will debunk a lot of fake masters right away. Try asking questions, dig into real questions and see if they run into some hiccups!

A true master should not fear questions, and they should have so much knowledge to the point that they can keep pumping out words. Only the crappy ones will give you excuses and stop you from questioning, because the truth is - they don't know their stuff!

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Standing 3 Dan Tian Qi Gong - Taoism Meditation Spiritual Practice
03 Sep 2020
Standing 3 Dan Tian Qi Gong - Taoism Meditation Spiritual Practice
Universal Administrator · 5 Views