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Standing 3 Dan Tian Qi Gong - Taoism Meditation Spiritual Practice
03 Sep 2020
Standing 3 Dan Tian Qi Gong - Taoism Meditation Spiritual Practice
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How to See Ghosts with Taoist Magic - Taoism Secret You Don't Know

In Taoism

Best Taoism lesson on how to see ghosts and what is real ghost like in the real world of Taoist magic. This is not exposed to most people int he western culture, or even to outsiders. Here we will expose the secrets of Taoist magic and tell you what real ghost is about.

Strongly recommend you watch this video for "What is God in Taoism" too - https://youtu.be/J-gQW2mdUb0

The word for ghost and god, 鬼 and 神 is often misunderstood, because most people don't learn from a master, and all their knowledges are from books, movies, and often just hoax and stories passed around by word of mouth, which all originates from those medias again. The real word of magic is not about those fake stuff, and it's solid as steel. Real word issues can be caused by these "energies" all the time and we can see how our magic works when we can fix problems in life by using our magic everyday.

Blog: https://www.tinyatdragon.com/blogs/spiritual
Website: http://www.tinyatdragon.com
Want to learn for real? Email: learning@chiinnature.com

Interesting blog post you should look at, for "what is Taoism" in our book. It might be very different from what is promoted in the western culture, but again, it's juicy and filled with good knowledge, take a look if you are curious!



We accept disciples into our lineage for learning our ancient Chinese magic, which the ordained disciples will be ordained into 三羅天師道 Saam Law Tin Si Tao and learn directly from us, by distance. We do not require you to visit us to ordain and to learn. Everyone in the lineage communicates daily by email, and by chat app, everything is done by distance, making it super happy and friendly for everyone in the world to get their hands on these magic that is rarely exposed to the outsiders in the past. If you know how close minded the Chinese culture is, do you think the real deal will be leaked to the west by any chance? Not unless you got me here, a guy who got balls to talk out loud on YouTube, because I ain't in China! You might be wondering if you can learn this even you are not a Chinese? Of course you can! No Chinese background required, we will teach you the Chinese you need!

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Standing 3 Dan Tian Qi Gong - Taoism Meditation Spiritual Practice
03 Sep 2020
Standing 3 Dan Tian Qi Gong - Taoism Meditation Spiritual Practice
Universal Administrator · 5 Views