News from Wonderland

Updates from the most crazy game on the interwebs


#GrandmaSavestheFuture – The most recent idea of the Supreme Leader of The Cult of Awesome Paranoia is to train grannies to play #thegame23 #Reboot – #TheGame23 site from adacic1033 has now a new publishing system

Insights on the Rabbit Hole

Update On The Dangers Of Over-Extending Models – by EonHetwo On Humour and Insight – by GRITCULT

Soundtrack of The Mad Tea Party

Wyrd Daze Five : The Ephemeral Man – All source material originally released in 1980 Radio K-otiK Hits 9 – The most recent edition of the compilation of the best of Goddesspell Music on soundclown. See you next time and don´t forget to #FollowtheWhiteRabbit

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