The Art of War – Sun Tzu

The Art of War Audiobook is a Chinese book written by Sun Tzu, who is the Chinese military strategist. It is translated by Lionel Giles and lies in the fiction, inspirational and treatise genre. The Art of war comprises of 273 pages and was published by Shambhala on 11th January 2005. The book is followed by Six Secret Teachings.

The classic book The Art of War was introduced 2500 years ago by Sun Tzu. The book is based on military strategy and military thoughts depicting Chinese Warfare. With all these years, the Chinese military got inspiration from Sun Tzu book and learned from his teachings. His tactics and rules presented in the book are used in business, politics and even in everyday life. It is a unique book that is termed as treasure in order to gain benefits from enemies, especially on a battlefield.


The Art of War Audiobook consists of amazing and exceptional insights. The book is interesting and short. It features historical as well as philosophical reading. It is a well-versed writing featuring strategies and best tactics used in war to win it. Hundreds of quotations and advice are still reliable for today’s world. The debate and even the verbal confrontation mentioned in the book, meet the requirements of Sun Tze`s truth-seeking significance.

About Author (Sun Tzu):

Sun Tzu was a strategist and a Chinese General born in 545 BC. His work on The Art of War is accepted worldwide because it has laid influence on military effort. The structure and content of the book is diverse. The content presented by him also fits the modern world. Most of his sweeten words makes the book interesting and precious.

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