The Lover Within: A Study in Masculine Psychology

The Lover is the archetype men find most difficult to access without experiencing frightening emotional states. The Lover encourages an unbounded connectedness to life through powerful feelings, but if a man’s Lover is poorly developed, he may find himself alternately promiscuous and isolated, emotionally vulnerable and interpersonally exploitative, impulsive and addictive, yet afraid of his passion. Accessing Lover energy properly, a man feels enthusiastic and compassionate about his work and relationships. Celebrating the beauty of nature and the physical world, the mature Lover becomes a guardian of the Earth.

Robert Moore’s course covers the following topics:
•    The Lover in Myth, Folklore and Religion
•    The Role of the Lover in Masculine Selfhood
•    Psychopathology and the Boy Lover
•    Healing the Lover: Resources from Analysis, Ritual and Human Spirituality

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