Archetypal Images of The Magician and The Lover

Robert Moore discusses both the constructive and destructive aspects of the masculine archetypal images and their relevance for contemporary male issues. Part of the course Ecco Homo: Issues in Male Psychology.

Course Description
In the wake of feminism, which raised as many questions about male identity as it did about female identity, there has been a growing interest in “masculinism”. Jung’s attention to the gender question reflected in his theory of archetypes, anima/animus phenomena, and ideas of individuation as a balance of traits within a self, provides a provocative medium for discussion of contemporary male issues. This course examines principal areas of focus within this emerging field of study and offers insights into the dilemmas of “being a man”.

Suggested reading: Murray Stein, In Midlife; Grimm’s Tales for Young and Old, Ralph Manheim, trans.; Robert Moore, “Healing the Masculine” (audio #RM04) and “Rediscovering Masculine Potentials” (audio #RM05); Robert Bly, “Men and the Wound” (audio).


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