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Before creating an account. Please keep in mind certain Privacy procedures.

Avoid using your real life profile information

It is advised to avoid using real names, and profile accounts which have personally identifiable information.

Create a new Google Account

Optimally, a fresh new Google account is a good starting point.

Dedicate an account to UfU activities exclusively.

Avoid Old Alternative accounts

Create New Google Account

Creating an Account

Once you have a new private email account.

Or decided to use one of your existing accounts (at your own risk of peril).

Create New Account

  1. Visit the account registration page.

  2. Fill out the REQUIRED Account Details

  3. Press “Sign up”

  4. A Request for e-Mail confirmation will be sent to your selected Inbox

  5. Click the Activation Link

  6. Activate your Account

  7. Login

Social Media Signup

Creating an account with a social media account, will import basic profile information from that account.

This will prevent choosing your default information.

To change your automatically generated password, navigate to dashboard Profile settings.

It is advised to first create an account manually, and then link your Social Media Login afterwards, for one click login.

Additional Security Measures

In the case of using Private Browser or Tor Network, a request to verify your login attempt will be emailed to you.


2 Factor Authentication, is available under Login Security

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