1,534 hz Normalizing and balancing the thalamus/hypothalamus (Read description before listening)

The hypothalamus is known as the master control panel of the brain. It is the part coming straight down from eye ball on the eye of Horus symbol. It’s very important to energetically ground yourself before and after you listen to this in order to obtain the full benefits.

The pic shows the general area of both the thalamus and hypothalamus lit up. Hypo means “below.”

Before getting into the anatomy, chain reactions and neuroscience of the hypothalamus I’ll share a quote regarding the more metaphysical take on this part of the brain.

“The functions of the hypothalamus depend on whether we are awakened or deluded. When we are deluded and constantly operate in our false mind, we will reap the consequences as pain in our body and sorrow in our mind. When we are awakened and practice to control our mind, silence our verbal chatter and dwell in wordless awareness, our holy mind will shine through and our spiritual wisdom will develop. The hypothalamus will then play the central role in resolving our psychosomatic illnesses, bringing health to our body, radiance to our complexion and peace to our mind.
At the highest spiritual level, the hypothalamus acts under the direct influence of Buddha mind located in the precuneus. When the precuneus is active, the hypothalamus immediately expresses outwardly the features of a mind in complete silence and objectivity. The Buddha called this mind pure, malleable, unblemished, wieldy, and imperturbable.”
In summary, the hypothalamus is the structure that expresses the three aspects of the mind: the false mind, the wordless awareness mind, and the Buddha mind.”

Now onto the more objective analysis regarding the hypothalamus, which does align with the metaphysical take mentioned above.

So via “Second-order neurones” the vagus nerve completes circuits through the brain stem that help control gut function. Other second-order neurones link to to higher parts of the brain, one of which being the hypothalamus and where they regulate the functions determining the degrees of sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (self-restoration) responses. Meaning the hypothalamus is the brain’s main switch board between fight or flight mode and self restoration mode, taking signals (images and sounds) registered by the amygdala and sending those signals to the rest of the body to react and adjust according to how calm or stressed the amygdala is and how calm or stressed one should be in that situation. Meaning if this part of the brain is balanced the perceiver won’t be calm too calm to avoid oncoming traffic or won’t be in sheer panic while in the safety of their own home where they should be calm.

The HPA axis is worth researching in regards to fight or flight. HPA stands for Hypothalamus-Pituitary-adrenal and is a feedback system that transmits the signal the hypothalamus receives from the amygdala prompting the pituitary to release produce a stress hormone called ACTH which in turn prompts the adrenals, then full blown fight or flight mode is flipped on.

The hypothalamus creates oxytocin (the love hormone). It is the interface between oxytocin correlates with the vagus nerve. The hypothalamus also produces vasopressin which is the hormone of feeling trust and safety. A balanced hypothalamus results in us feeling trust, peace, calmness and love when it is ideal and it switches us to fight or flight when it is most ideal instead of us staying in fight or flight (anxiety/panic, stress and depression) which has somewhat become the human condition over time.

The vagus nerve stimulation causes the hypothalamus to produce the love hormone (oxytocin) which is sent to pituitary gland where it enters the bloodstream.
This is how oxytocin goes from a brain signal to a hormone in the bloodstream that flows throughout the body relaxing the whole body/temple.

The hypothalamus is the busiest part of the brain. It controls/regulates the following:

The hormonal system


blood pressure


The dilation or constriction of key blood vessels and small airways in the lungs (bronchials)

Energy balance

Hunger and thirst

Pain response

Pleasure and sex drive


Circadian rhythm (the wake-sleep cycle).

This soundscape will play a key role in returning the body back to being in the parasympathetic nervous system when it is most idea, in other words it will balance the autonomic nervous system in general. The autonomic nervous system consisting of the two modes (fight or flight, or self restoration/healing mode). We are always in either one or the other.

Do not listen if you are prone to seizures, under age 18, pregnant, have a pace maker or operating a motor vehicle. Drink water before and after to most efficiently integrate the frequency into the body and don’t listen to this more than once a day that way you don’t detox too fast and face a “healing crisis.”

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